Terms and Conditions

4 Seasons  Blinds & Awnings Ltd

1. These conditions apply to all supplies by 4Seasons Blinds & Awnings Ltd (thereinafter called the company)

2. All contracts  and all matters arising there out shall be governed by and interpreted  in accordance with and to laws of England unenforceable at Law that part shall be severable from the rest of these conditions.

3. Acceptance of Buyers order is subject to availability of supplies.

4a. The company shall have the right to cancel or delay delivery or to reduce the amount delivered if it is prevented from or hindered in or delayed in manufacturing or delivering by normal means of delivery the goods of the description covered by this contract through any circumstances beyond its control, including but no limited to strikes, lockouts, trade disputes , accidents,  breakdowns, war, fire, reductions in or availability of power at manufacturing plant or unavailability of materials from normal sources of supply.

4b. Time for delivery of goods shall not be the essence of the contract, and in the event of failure to execute orders In anytime specified, no responsibility  will be excepted for damages for late delivery whether consequential  or otherwise, and all quotations  and all sales are made on this condition,  however, all dates given for delivery of goods will be adhered to as diligently as possible.

5  Goods will be charged at the prices ruling at the time of despatch, except for special or bona-fide contract orders accepted by the company at a fixed price when they were placed. Value Added Tax and any other Government Duty  or Tax will be added  to the charges levied on the products and services supplies and or installed all as determined  by Law.

6a. Unless otherwise provided for and agreed in writing by a director of the company, payment shall be Net and  shall be made upon delivery of the goods. The company reserves  the right at any time to withdraw any credit terms granted and charge interest on any amounts which remain unpaid 30 days after the invoice date at the rate of 3% above the Bank of England minimum Lending Rate, and such accounts  will be passed to a debt recovery agency, and all costs incurred will be recoverable  from the buyer.

6b. Settlement  discounts are offered to credit account customers only, for payments received in the Accounts Department by the date specified on the invoices. Late payments do not qualify. To overcome  possible   postal delays we will accept post-dated cheques. Payments that arrive late and Cheques that do not clear will not qualify for discounts.
All orders are processed by computer, any account  falling outside the companies  terms will automatically  be placed on stop. If the buyer has payment problems the buyer must advise the company at the first opportunity.

6c. Any amount outstanding 7 days after due date/installation date may be subject to a £100.00 collection charge.

7a. The risk in the goods passes to the buyer upon delivery, but title in the goods remains  vested in the company, and shall only pass from the company to the buyer on full payment being made by the buyer of all sums (due on whatsoever account or grounds) to the company. In the event of the goods being sold by the buyer in such a manner as to pass to a third party a valid title to the goods, whilst any such sums are due as aforesaid the rights of the company under this condition  shall attach to the proceeds of such sale or to the claim of such proceeds and the buyer place such proceeds in a separate account. Nothing herein shall constitute the buyer the agent of the company, for the purpose of any sub-sale.

7b. The buyer agrees that prior to the payment of the whole price of the goods, the company, or agent appointed solely and expressly for this purpose may, at any  reasonable  time , enter upon the buyers premises and remove the goods there from and that prior to such payment the buyer shall keep such goods separate and identifiable for this purpose.

7c. In the event of the goods becoming constituents or of being converted  into other products  whilst sums are due as provided in sub­ conditions  (7a) hereof the company shall have the ownership  to such other products as if they were the grounds and accordingly sub­ section (7a) hereof shall, so far as appropriate, apply to such other products.

7d. In placing your Order you confirm that you have read the advice provided on the 4 Seasons Blinds website (www.4seasonsblinds.co.uk) as to Child Safety information. You confirm that you understand the child safety options for the various blind types available and that you have chosen one which is appropriate for the window you intend to cover. The guidance is clear that certain blind types require a minimum fitting height and if you order such a blind you confirm that your window conforms with these requirements. We will send full fitting and operating instructions with your order to ensure its compliance with child safety regulations and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to fit in accordance with these instructions. Blinds will only be installed with approved child safety devices which is required by law. In the event that you refuse to have the safety devices fitted we reserve the right to remove the blind from the premises but will expect Payment in full.

8 The buyer must notify the company  in writing within three days of the date of delivery or installation,  (the later shall only apply where installation forms a part of the original contract) in the event of partial loss, damage or non delivery of the whole or part of the consignment. No claims will be entertained  unless the buyer complies  with provision of this condition.

9 These conditions shall have precedence over any conditions  appearing on Buyers Order Form or other document emanating from Buyer and such Buyer Conditions shall have no effect whatever unless expressly accepted in writing by a director of the company.

10 An order once placed cannot be cancelled, deferred or altered by the Buyer except by mutual agreement.  A charge my be made for costs and expenses incurred due to cancellation, suspension, deferment or alteration.

II. The suppliers  will only be liable to make good any initial damage which may be caused to the buyers premises during the course of installation of the goods which formed part of the original contract.

12. In no circumstances  whatever shall the supplier be liable for consequential  loss.

13 On acceptance of Trading Account with the company, the buyer agrees to abide by all patents registered  to the company.

14 The company reserves the right to refuse orders without giving reasons.