Custom Pleated Blinds


We build custom Pleated blinds to match your specific needs.

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Width value must be between 360mm and 2134mm

Drop value must be between 360mm and 2134mm

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Product Description


Custom Pleated Range

We build custom Pleated Blinds to match your specific needs. Pleated blinds not only look stylish, they actually help to insulate your home, thus increasing energy efficiency. The honeycomb design traps air, thus keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which is especially useful for conservatories. The unique construction means that there are no visible holes in the fabric giving it a sleek modern look. This also means they are to child safety standards.


Special Pleated

Installed inside the glazing bead, the blind moves with the window or door allowing you to control the shading and ventilation precisely.

The unique fixing of the special makes it ideal for people with children or pets as there are no loose cords on display.


Freehanging Pleated

Can be fitted inside or outside a window recess.

Our unique system runs on brass pulley’s, this meaning there is less stress on the cords. Operation controls are a single piece of chain

Control options can be either right handed or left handed. Rail colour in either white or brown.